Board of Directors/Terms

President Joe Lafountain (2022)
Vice President Sara Kipp (2022)
Treasurer Wendy Johnston (2022)
Secretary Bethani Whiting (2021)
Michele Barron (2020)
Jennifer Mancucci (2021)
Brittani Manny (2020)
Amie Thomas (2020)
Lisa Yager (2021)

All board meetings are open to the public and begin at 6:15pm:

January 27th 2020
February 24th 2020
March 16th 2020
April 20th 2020
May 18th 2020
June 15th 2020
July 20th 2020
August 17th 2020
September 21st 2020
October 19th 2020
November 16th 2020
December 21st 2020 (Annual Meeting/BOD Elections)

All visitors are advised to call the center prior to the meeting to be sure there are no cancellations or changes.